O společnosti

About Triplex

The Triplex Company was established in 1982. Since 1990, it has been dealing with the import and distribution of fireworks as well as the organization of pyrotechnic displays. Our products are known not only in Poland but also in most of the European countries.  Four times we have been elected the laureate of the all-Poland contest The Best in Poland.

The products we offer, consumer and professional alike, are manufactured strictly according to our guidelines by the leading factories in China. All fireworks we introduce to the European Union market  have CE certificates. In this catalogue you will find the wide selection of pyrotechnic materials in categories F1, F2, F3, F4, T1, P1 and P2.

All our shows are made with our own materials. In 2010 we won the second prize in Festival of Pyrotechnic  Art “Fire and Water” held in Ełk, we were the winners of 2013 “Lech Fire Festival” held in Ustka and were second again in Festival Ohnostroj held in Slovakia in 2015.

The high quality of our fireworks, combined with beautiful, original packages and reasonable prices constantly reinforce our status as one of the leading pyrotechnics importers in Europe.

You are most welcome to cooperate with us!