Jevištní pyrotechnika

Are you organizing a concert, a sport event or an award ceremony? This is where you will definitely need some stage pyrotechnics. Your ideas combined with our experience will make those special occasions particularly memorable. We can offer you the stage pyrotechnics and theatrical effects designed for indoor use. Within this group of products we especially recommend a range of fiery waterfalls and fountains of different colour, size, shape and duration, and also pyrotechnic stunt effects, flames and confetti. The daytime pyrotechnics is worth mentioning as well, since it is getting more and more popular these days, and the effects can be used both indoors and outdoors. The program and the budget for every performance is arranged individually. We do our utmost to know your needs to be able to provide the best possible solution.

Pirotechnika estradowa, na scenę, na koncerty

In our offer you can find some other proposals to enhance your events and make them really special:

  1. Stage pyrotechnics (also for indoor use) – fountains, flashes, stroboscopes, sparks waterfalls, smokes, flames, a pyrotechnic heart with fountains, a pyrotechnic double heart with the Cupid’s arrow and fountains.
  2. Day pyrotechnics – cakes with a colourful smoke, a confetti and serpentine shooter
  3. Additional attractions – bubble machines, fire and CO2 projectors, machines producing low smoke, birthday flowers with music, ice fountains, sparklers
  4. Professional pyrotechnics – the professional pyrotechnic shows combining spectacular visual effects with wonderful music. They will make any event a truly unforgettable experience

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