Fireworks Display for Private Ceremonies

Fireworks and the emotions they evoke are available to everyone! This is why you can boost the value of your meetings and family celebrations by organizing the fireworks shows. Birthday parties, anniversaries and wedding receptions are the events which we all want to keep in our memory forever. Our presentations can make your special days truly unforgettable. Together we can create the show making all your secret dreams come true at the price to suit your pocket.

For the big events like the Wedding Day, we can offer you not only the traditional fireworks presentation, but also the pyrotechnic heart or letters, which will be a real highlight for this special occasion. We also recommend the lucky lanterns, which released to the sky will make the ceremony never  to be forgotten. You are more than welcome to celebrate the most beautiful days of your life with us.

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A MODERATE INTENSITY SHOOTING1 shot per a second, which gives 60 loadings per a minute
OTHERA use of cylindrical shells (multi-effect loadings)
EFFECTSA choice of over 300 effects in a variety of shapes, colours and calibers (including peonies, spiders, willows, bunches of flowers, fans, butterflies, chrysanthemums, and more).
A POSSIBLE USE OF SO CALLED SPECIAL COMPOSITIONSShooting the loadings slightly at an angle, which gives the impression of a multi-spot display covering almost entire sky over the spectators. The final effect is made up of 10 loadings shot at the same time, with the effects depending on the terrain conditions (for example, golden rain almost reaching the ground, the glittering brocade, widespread palm trees growing big in the sky with every second).
A MINIMUM SAFETY DISTANCEWill be determined after the site inspection and the investigation of the area.

Simple projects

A choice of one proposal presented in the catalogue does not limit the possibility of intensifying the show by the elements from other proposals or by using some additional effects.

All the presented proposals are based on shooting loadings from one location. Depending on the terrain conditions, it is possible to boost the display by the use of several shooting sites.

Every  firework display is accompanied by a carefully chosen and professionally prepared piece of music. The sound system is ensured by the organizer of the display.


In our offer you will also find other proposals, which will enhance your events:

  1. Stage pyrotechnics (also to use indoors) – fountains, flashes, strobes, the spark waterfalls, smokes, flames, pyrotechnic heart with fountains, double pyrotechnic heart with the arrow and fountains
  2. Daytime pyrotechnics – shooting confetti tubes, cakes of confetti and serpentines, cakes with colourful smoke, the blower for confetti and serpentines
  3. Additional attractions – the bubble machine, the lucky lanterns, the birthday flowers with music, ice fountains, sparkles

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