Water Based Effects

Fire and water are the two opposite, but equally remarkable phenomena. Why not join them together? A beautiful lake, a pond or a bay make great sceneries for your event, and  they are perfect locations for organizing  the fabulous water shows.

In our offer you will find the water cakes, which can come together with the fireworks opening up in the sky. The dazzling pyrotechnic effects reflected on the water surface make the whole spectacle simply breathtaking and stunning. We treat every project as a unique challenge and we provide the optimal solution following the site inspection. If you want to give an outstanding performance which will stay in memory for long,  please contact us.

Simple projects

The proposals in our offer to make your events more special:


  1. Stage Pyrotechnics (also to use indoors) – fountains, flashes, strobes, sparks waterfalls, smokes, flames, pyrotechnic heart with fountains, double pyrotechnic heart with the arrow and fountains
  2. Daytime pyrotechnics – shooting confetti tubes, cakes of confetti and serpentines, cakes with colourful smoke, the blower for confetti and serpentines
  3. Additional attractions – the bubble machine, the flame projectors, the CO2 projectors, the lucky lanterns, the birthday flowers with music, ice fountains, sparkles
  4. Professional pyrotechnics – the professional pyrotechnic displays combining spectacular effects and great music

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